What makes us different from other Sports Handicappers?

We know how to make the picks and are here to help smart betters make money!

The Sports Handicapper website was established to get results for our clients, not take their money. We don’t like to use the term “gamble” here, as that implies guessing. If you’re like us, you’re not coming to a sports handicapper because you want to “gamble.” You’re looking at a sports handicapper web site because you want and expect to win, and not just hit it big once or twice, but win consistently. That’s our goal and our promise.

We hand-picked our team to create an all-star cast of the TOP sports handicappers in the nation. If they don’t win on a regular basis, we don’t even consider giving them a place on our sports handicapper team. We truly have developed the best sports handicapper service available.

The sports handicappers we choose are in it for more than making a few bucks on the side, each sports handicapper on our team is dedicated, focused, and passionate about what they do and have chosen to make a career of it. Over the years we have done the research and have evolved our process into a finely tuned, highly accurate science. Each sports handicapper has proven true mastery of the science of sports betting. Where some handicappers go on “feeling,” “gut,” or general intuition, we use a sophisticated proprietary mathematical formula to make our picks. Finding the winning picks in sports betting isn’t sports guessing, it’s a skill that we have spent years cultivating.

The Sports Handicapper’s Success Rate

For consistently advising winning picks, we retain one of the highest retention rates of any other sports handicapper in the world, meaning our clients don’t leave us because they win consistently. Each sports handicapper on our team provides results, so our clients stay with us.

The average sports handicapper out there has a terribly high turnover rate and numerous angry customers that stay on for a very short time. Why? Because this type of sports handicapper over-promises and under-delivers. We let our results speak for themselves; there is a reason our sports handicapper team has one of the best reputations around.

Stop believing the hype and bold claims of scammy amateur sports handicappers and start basing your decision on nothing but the results. After all, would you invest your money with a money manager who was going off his “best guess?”

Our one guarantee is to provide the best sports handicapping service out there. We provide you the resource of only the most experienced, proven sports handicapper team out there.

Our sports handicapper team takes into account numerous sports betting variables including:


the sports handicapper and chris rose

And this is just a portion of the involved analytics. The future is never certain, so we take every aspect of both teams’ complex histories to leave as little to chance as possible and plug them into our formula.

The Sports Handicappers take these and many other factors, plug them into our formula and it gives us the most accurate picks on the planet. Anything other than a highly tuned mathematical formula is purely guessing. Don’t base your sports betting on luck or chance… Depend it on The Sports Handicappers. Our team is the best around, and they have the results to prove it. We take our team of sports handicappers seriously, and only strive to be the best.

Do not waste your money with a phony handicapper’s “best guess.”

Guessing implies chance; mathematics are indisputable. Don’t base your sports betting on luck or chance, depend it on The Sports Handicappers instead of handing your money to the subjective guesswork of some occasionally lucky amateur handicapper.



We’re not in this to steal people’s money. We simply make money making money for other people because this is our true passion.

Give our sports handicappers a shot and we’ll put our money where our mouth is. If you are not happy with our packages, you can cancel your subscription at any time! We don’t base our sports handicapping on hype, we base our reputation on results.

-Joe (President and founder of The Sports Handicapper)